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Brian Robison



phone: (925) 878-5059




Nvidia (2017-present) 

Lead Animator, unannounced project


Infinity Ward (2015-2017)

Senior Animator, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

- principal animator for 3rd person multiplayer animations

- created handkeyed animations for robot class

- implemented all multiplayer animations through IW anim scripts

- responsible for updating prior multiplayer animations and systems

- worked with programmers to come up with new animation systems and features

- assisted with some single player scripted moments as well as AI animations and an npc wallrunning system


Kojima Productions LA (2012-present)

Lead Animator, Metal Gear Online

- learned the animation pipeline thoroughly so I could help adjust player animations and improve the multiplayer experience

- worked with designers and programmers to prototype and modify gameplay mechanics to work better in a player vs. player environment

- created blend trees for new gameplay features

-managed the memory footprint for animation

- co-directed the Metal Gear Online trailer. This trailer was 6 weeks from concept to completion. I worked with concept artists on the storyboards and animatic based on a rough script from our creative director. I then moved on to do previs, blocking, and camera movement. After that I worked on animation which included assigning shots to the other two animators on the team and giving direction and feedback. I also was responsible for controlling the player and camera for almost all of the gameplay captures. I helped out a little bit with the actual editing.


Animator, Metal Gear Solid V

- I helped out the team in Japan a little with both player animations and cutscenes


Naughty Dog (2008-2012)

Animator, Uncharted 4, 2011-2012

- worked on previs and prototypes for set pieces and new gameplay elements


Animator, Uncharted 3, 2009-2011

- worked with designers on creating in-game cinematics (scripted in-game events)

- was in charge of all of the ally npc animation, creating movesets for new characters and updating legacy animations

- directed motion capture sessions for in-game npc animations

- was also in charge of all in-game horse animations


Animator, Uncharted 2, 2008-2009

- worked on scripted in-game cinematics. I collaborated with designers to create sequences that occur during gameplay

- utilized a combination of mocap and keyframe animation


Treyarch, 2008(6 months)

Animator, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, 2008 (6 months)

- responsible for creating in-game character animations and helping with some cutscenes

- all in-game animation was hand-keyed while cutscenes used a combination of mocap and keyframe


Image Metrics, 2007-2008(4 months)

Animator, various projects

- responsible for facial animation on projects such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Emergent Kinslayer, commercials, and company demos


Naughty Dog, 2007 (4 months)

Animator, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

- responsible for many of the in-game cinematics, creating key-framed animation and also incorporating motion capture animation where needed

- worked on several shots for the cutscenes, cleaning up motion capture data and key-framing the head, face, and hands




- experience creating realistic and stylized key-frame animation

- ability to animate characters, creatures, vehicles and objects

- experience working closely with programmers and designers

- experience with motion capture editing and clean-up

- thorough understanding of animation principles

- knowledge of camera, film, and editing language and principles




- Alias/Autodesk Maya - 8 years

- Autodesk 3d Studio Max and Character Studio – 2 years

- Adobe Photoshop – 3 years

- Final Cut Pro – 2 years

- Adobe After Effects – 3 years




- Bachelor of Fine Arts, Character Animation, Academy of Art University, 2007